National Poet of Wales 2008-2016

Gillian Clarke was born in Cardiff and lives in Ceredigion. Her work has been on the GCSE and A Level exam syllabus for the past thirty years, and she performs her poetry regularly for Poetry Live. Awarded the Queen’s Gold medal for Poetry in 2010, the Wilfred Owen Award in 2012. Prose works include a writer’s journal, At the Source. She has written for radio, and translated poetry and prose from Welsh. The Gathering/Yr Helfa, written for the National Theatre of Wales, was performed on Snowdon in September, 2014. Her last collection, Ice, was shortlisted for the TS Eliot Award 2012 and Zoology is due in 2017.

Gillian ClarkeA Message for Teachers and students (and all poetry readers!) from Gillian Clarke

Students tell me they find this web site useful.

“Hi there, I got my GCSE results today, and I’d just like to thank you for this website, which helped me greatly. The day before my English Lit. exam, I found it and it really changed and improved my view of how to analyse and write about poetry; but most importantly, it made me much more relaxed about approaching it and generally happier about doing the exam, as well as more informed about poetic techniques etc. Anyway, I got an A*, so I’d just like to thank you for helping me achieve that.”

It makes it all worthwhile!

Gillian Clarke