Compact Disc 2004
“Twenty Poems”

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Contains all of the Poems on the AQA GCSE syllabus, & for A-Level poems from Six Women Poets.

Baby Sitting, Catrin, Mali, A Difficult Birth, Easter 1998, The Field Mouse, October, On the Train, Cold Knap Lake, Legend, The Habit of Light, Amber, The Piano, The Stone Hare, Woman Washing Her Hair, Breathing, A Birthday, The Sundial, Marged, Miracle on St David’s Day, Letter From a Far Country

Customer comment: 

‘A wonderful reading. Beautifully produced. Tender. Moving. Delicate use of sound effect. Just perfect.’

(a blind reader)

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15 Poems

Here, in the order in which they were first published between 1978 and 1993, are readings of the fifteen poems featured in the Cambridge IGCSE exam syllabus. I introduce each poem with a brief introduction.

There are some brief introductions to the poems, then I read them.


Cold Knap Lake